We are now accepting applications for our course beginning in September 2021.  You will find a link to the online application form here

Please come along to our next introductory Webinar at 7.30 pm – 8.30 pm on Tuesday 8th June-  you can register here

This webinar will include an introduction to Steiner-Waldorf Education, an overview of the WESTT course and the opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have. The Webinar will be hosted by Alan Swindell and Sven Saar, two of our course leaders.

Alan Swindell
Sven Saar







There will also be an artistic activity, so please have paper and pencil handy!

WESTT Course beginning in September 2021

Our two year part-time course is delivered in two parts:

Art of Education (first year)

Art of Teaching (second year)

We are now accepting applications.

Course Structure

Structured for people with busy lives

Our courses consists of ten weekends, which run from 7.00 pm on Friday to 1.00 pm on the Sunday, with one week at Easter and another in the Summer.

Independent work is an important element and, in addition to the weekend workshops, students complete a wide range of guided tasks. These include study of key texts, written assignments, art and craft work and child observation.

Steiner Waldorf Schools

Steiner Waldorf Schools

Steiner Waldorf education is the fastest growing educational movement in the world.

With a deep understanding of child development, a broad curriculum and creative methodology, Steiner Waldorf schools place the changing needs of the child at the centre of their teaching. They demonstrate a unique, holistic approach that has been adapted to diverse social, ethnic and economic contexts throughout the world.