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Sven Saar and Alan Swindell,  Course Leaders


Our two year part-time course is delivered in two parts:

Art of Education (first year)

Art of Teaching (second year)

We are now running at capacity but accept applications for a new Year 1, starting in September 2022.


The design of the course is informed first and foremost by understanding that all education is self-education. Life-long learning is a process consciously entered into by each of us – courses, lectures and seminars play their part but we ourselves decide on our response to the impulses we receive.

No Teacher Education course can truly prepare students for the reality of the classroom – at the same time simply being immersed in one particular Steiner school’s practice would offer a limited view of what is a comprehensively new and reformatory approach to education.

The WESTT course provision acknowledges this by making the process as immersive and experiential as possible. Artistic and social activities are by their nature transformative: they are deeply embedded in all our teaching and learning on the course. What is offered as content in the fields of curriculum, child development, anthroposophy and professional skills will be open to exploration and conversation rather than taught as required knowledge.

The WESTT tutors are experienced professionals and have worked as teachers, school leaders, in staff development and Waldorf research. The course has a long history of enabling professionals of all ages to lay the foundations for a new and successful career, improve their understanding of the educational impulses or simply enjoy creative, engaging adult education in the company of cheerful, friendly and collaborative people while deciding on their future paths.