The Art of Teaching

 (Year 2)

Here the focus shifts towards the teaching profession itself: what knowledge and skills are necessary to develop before entering the classroom? How do I prepare for a teaching practice, and how do I interpret my impressions and experiences from that time? Like all recognised ASWTE courses WESTT cooperates with most UK Steiner Waldorf schools in arranging classroom observation and teaching placements with experienced, helpful professionals.

The Steiner Waldorf National Teaching Standards offer a useful scaffolding for the curriculum of year 2, but art and music still play a major part: having mastered the foundations, we now proceed to choral singing, recorder playing, perspective drawing and artistic speech and drama. We study Rudolf Steiner’s First Teachers Course as the foundational text still giving invaluable inspiration to modern professionals – we also examine principles and methods for planning, assessment, presentation and the necessary inner work and personal development. An individual research project in the final term leads to successful graduation.

Teaching Practice

Students will be expected to complete at least the first of their two 3-week classroom observation and teaching practices during the year.  Any teaching practice elements not covered during the course must be completed within two years of the end of the course.

Self-directed learning and research

One of the strengths of the WESTT course over the years has been the emphasis on the lifelong learning journey of the teacher.  During the later stages of the second year, students choose an area of research and write an individual project on a theme relevant to Waldorf Education, which is presented to fellow students during the Summer intensive week.

Year 2


Early Literacy and classroom observation


Early numeracy and classroom case studies


Nature study and classroom practice


Physics and Professional standards


Life Sciences and Professional Standards


Geography and Professional Standards


History and Professional Standards


Spring residential- experiential learning and development


Assessment for Learning and Working with Parents


The outdoor classroom: A deep dive into Crafting


Leadership, Mentoring, Appraisal


Summer residential: Project presentations and graduation


Annual fees cover the tuition costs of ten weekends and two weeks. They also include all guided learning between weekends, study packs and handouts.

Fees for the second year of the course beginning September 2022 will be £2,490.  Interest free loans, with flexible repayment options, are available for the second year of tuition from the Godparents Anthroposophical Training Fund (GATF)