Course Tutors

Alan Swindell

Alan has had a distinguished career as a class teacher, teacher trainer, adviser for the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship and, in recent years, as the first principal of the Steiner Academy Exeter. He is co-ordinating the work of the British Steiner Waldorf Teacher Education Courses ( and the online foundation course PRELUDE.

Sven Saar

Sven Saar, a class teacher for 30 years, is on the core faculty of several teacher education courses in the UK and abroad. He gives lectures and seminars and is an active mentor and advisor to schools and teachers in Britain, Germany, Asia and Africa. He runs an advisory service and the Waldorf Facebook communication group The Chalice.

Angela Querido

Angela began her career in special education. She then worked as a class teacher for 22 years at the Bristol Steiner school. Her work in adult education started at Emerson College, where she co created and taught the part time courses. As well as being co director of the WESTT course in the past, she also worked as an advisor for the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship, conducting appraisals in Steiner schools.

Jeremy Nowell

Having been a class teacher at Norwich Steiner school, Jeremy joined  WESTT as a principal tutor and co-director in 2015.  He has worked as a special needs coordinator in a number of schools and has recently joined the South Devon Steiner School as a class teacher.